International Cannabis Consulting

The Benabis international cannabis consulting team has worked on projects in over 20 countries and four continents around the world. Our global cannabis experience includes licence applications, facility design and construction projects, due diligence on acquisitions, marketing, and working directly with foreign governments on policy development, regulatory frameworks and more.

We have the experience needed to navigate supply chains, quality control, security systems, international banking challenges, compliance systems, and operational challenges.

We have built a proven network of reliable global partners including cultivation and GACP specialists, GMP, CGMP and EU-GMP compliance experts, regulators, regional distributors, cannabis testing labs and more.

The unique knowledge and insights we have gained are distilled in the following strategic advisory services:

  • Provide support on business & licensing strategies, including operational build-outs and explosive growth.
    • Work with an extensive network of cannabis industry experts around the globe.
  • Act as a broker/advisor on business transactions between investors/buyers and cannabis companies
  • Help investors and companies with due diligence and corporate governance issues during M&A activity.
  • Act as an independent advisor to cannabis company Boards of Directors and Executive Management on matters of corporate governance, regulatory compliance and due diligence.
  • Participate as subject matter expert on relevant Advisory Boards.
  • Work as a credible point of liaison between cannabis companies and foreign governments in nascent/emerging markets.
  • Provide a full range of cannabis security consulting services including site suitability review, physical security design, security licensing documents and operational security guidance.
  • Act as a broker/advisor on business transactions between investors/buyers and cannabis companies
  • Advise governments on cannabis regulatory policy, licensing and compliance strategy, enforcement tools, inspector training and guidance documents.