Richard Zwicky, the host of The Green Peak Cannabis Business podcast has been involved in the cannabis industry since 2014. First by helping others build their business plans, and helping them analyze their opportunities. Eventually, he began working with legislators and regulators to help them structure and write laws and regulatory frameworks. He has participated in various industry startups, and founded and built a large-scale operation.

Prior to building the most cost-efficient, and largest-scale cannabis production operations in Latam, Richard’s background was focused on the technology sector, where he continues to be involved. As he puts it:

My interest in getting involved in the cannabis industry was driven by a desire to help people suffering from various medical conditions gain access to affordable treatments. In 2017 when I became involved in some Latin American countries, cannabis medications were unavailable, and expensive traditional pharmaceutical options were out of reach for the average citizen. As a result, people were suffering from conditions going untreated, but for which there often were cannabis & cannabis-derived medications that could be provided from local production at negligible costs. For many of these people, medical cannabis products offered an effective alternative to traditional treatments as well as options to supplement existing treatment regimens.

For many conditions, such as epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease, medical cannabis options offer a meaningful treatment option or addition to help reduce tremors and seizures dramatically. For sufferers of many conditions, medical cannabis can be life-changing.

Despite its wonders, I always remind people that Cannabis isn’t a cure, it is a highly effective tool to manage certain conditions.

Over the years, as I provided advice to various governments and interested parties on four continents, I recognized that while there were many sources of information about how to grow and use the plant, there were not a lot of podcasts available that addressed the business and investing side of the industry. Accordingly, when I was invited to host a weekly podcast on Cannabis Radio, I decided to tackle discussing the business side of the cannabis industry, and so began The Green Peak.

Over the last 100+ episodes, we have discussed investing in the cannabis industry, options for financing companies, banking and product compliance issues, branding, operational challenges, global trade and logistics, legal and regulatory issues, and more. But most commonly, we discuss success and how people found it.

I hope you’ll listen and enjoy the shows!