Interview with Anuj Desai, Host of the Cannabis Conversation Podcast

Anuj Desai, CEO of Cannverse and the Host of the Cannabis Conversation Podcast joined me for an interesting discussion on regulatory and legal issues surrounding cannabis in the UK.

Anuj is the host of Europe’s leading cannabis industry podcast, The Cannabis Conversation. He is a qualified lawyer, having worked in a variety of senior roles in the UK media industry for over 15 years, and now acts as a legal consultant and board advisor to cannabis startups and SMEs in the UK. Anuj has developed, and continues to expand, an extensive network in the cannabis, CBD, cannabinoid, and hemp sectors, both in the UK and internationally.

In 2020 alone, the manner in which cannabis was to be marketed was changed by regulators multiple times.  An industry can’t develop if the ground keeps shifting in terms of what is permitted.  These changes have stifled growth, and negatively impacted every company operating internationally.