The BAD Investment Company With Tommy Mancuso

The BAD Investment Company’s president and co-founder, Tommy Mancuso,  joined me for a chat regarding  smart choices when  investing in the American cannabis industry.

The Bad Investment Company is a registered investment adviser and ETF sponsor. They focus on identifying themes and sectors of the market that may appeal to investors as a consumer and offer them long-term, sustainable investment opportunities. To learn more about the company, please visit

After joining the financial services industry in 2014 Tommy was one of the youngest financial advisors starting out in a business where experience and “time in the business” carried the most weight whether someone was a successful advisor.  This was when we began to see the Fintech take off, which Tommy saw as a convergence between what would be considered a more traditional, old school industry and new wave of hungry investors seeking aggressive returns.  Although the cycles are normal, this latest cycle was heavily focused around the cannabis industry.  Wanting to participate more fully in the industry, Tommy started The BAD Investment Company to help bring some clarity in a complex financial system to the everyday consumer, and to structure financial products that are clear in their objective to best set up long term, sustainable financial success.

In our talk we discussed how Tommy’s creation, The BAD ETF, tracks and evaluates all the sin industry stocks: the largest domestic casino/gaming, alcohol, pharmaceutical, and cannabis companies. These vice industries have been around for decades and have proven to be more durable during times of strife. No matter what the economic environment, people still gamble, drink, and need medicine. They’re essentially consumer staples.

The discussion is good for new investors as there are insights participating in the cannabis industry, which cannabis stocks investors should keep an eye on, and how the cannabis sector is poised to perform this year and more.