Focusing on Alternative Cannabinoids, Market Challenges, and Tennessee’s Regulatory Landscape

David Miller, the pioneering CEO of FlowGardens, joined me for an interesting conversation recently. During the show, David eloquently explained his transition from finance into the burgeoning cannabinoid industry.

David described the challenges of operating in Tennessee’s complicated market and FlowGardens’ focus on developing unique cannabis genetics and alternative cannabinoids like CBC, THCV, and CBDV. He also emphasized the importance of educating consumers on the vast potential health benefits of these lesser-known compounds. For example, early studies showed promising anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties of CBG and CBC.

He explained the challenge of shifting consumer focus away from high THC strains alone towards more balanced, holistic medicinal options. Though Tennessee’s strict regulations present obstacles, David remains optimistic, highlighting the opportunities it provides for innovation. He even sees potential for interstate sales from FlowGardens despite restrictions.

While Tennessee’s governor has opposed cannabis in the past, David looks ahead with positivity. He sees an evolving landscape in the state, full of possibilities for his avant-garde company. It was a pleasure to listen to his perspective on nudging the industry forward in a restrictive environment.