Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy and Tucson Counseling Associates

Richard Zwicky speaks with Alyssa Spungen, the Communications Coordinator at Tucson Counseling Associates. She supports new clients in our Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy clinic with the intake process, is an assistant to the supervisory team, supports with general office management and administration, and is also a coach as a certified professional dreamworker and Yoga teacher.

After the interview, Alyssa added some comments:

~in regards to who we see in the clinic, “all walks of life”, I think it's important to mention that we have seen teens up to retirees, so all ages and gender identities. We are also hoping to offer relationship KAP (couples or those in non-traditional relationship structures)

~in regards to the beneficial aspect of group kap/group therapy, I think it's important to mention that the hive mind can access greater intuition together by tapping into what Jung refers to as the collective unconscious, which is important for a system of folks so isolated as we have become in the West. These things allow us to bond with others and to feel connection to Source.